If You Contacted Us On Our Old Website
One of the reasons for the website revamp was we were having issues receiving inquiries from our old website. If you did not hear from us PLEASE try the contact form on our new website.

Puppy Reservation Process & Info

Litter Info

All new litter information should be on this web site. Please contact me directly if you can’t find the answer to your question.


All puppies are sold with a contract which must be signed when the pup is picked up. The contract will be emailed/mailed to you prior to getting your puppy. Please contact me with any questions concerning the contract you may have prior to picking up your puppy. My contract requires that, should something occur in your life that requires you to give up your Toller, you must notify me before doing so, and/or bring him or her back to me first, and we will help you to place him/her in another good home. My contract also requires that your pup never be turned into a shelter or to a Breed Rescue. I will always take back a dog of my breeding if you can no longer provide a home for your pup, no questions asked.


Finding the right home for each pup is my number one priority. I reserve the right to decide who receives one of my puppies.  Although I will try my best to get you a puppy from the litter you are interested in, being added to my waiting list or putting a deposit down does not guarantee a puppy from that litter. There are simply too many variables involved such as litter size, temperament of the puppies, sex of the puppies, even markings. If there is no puppy available from the litter you are waiting for, you have the option of staying on the waiting list for the next litter and I will refund your deposit until the next pups are born.

Best Fit Method

Puppies are not sold on a first come first serve basis but rather a “best fit method.” If you want a high drive agility or hunting dog and none of the puppies in that current litter fit the bill, it is not fair to place a puppy with you just because you are next on the list. You, nor the puppy will be happy with that situation. I choose the puppy based on the requirements of the buyer, a puppy temperament test, and a puppy structure evaluation. After 8 weeks with the puppies, evaluating them, I have a good idea which pup will work for which family. My priority is to make sure that each pup is in the right home. Puppies going to performance homes are chosen first and their placement takes priority over the choosing of pet puppies. This is in part due to the particular requirements for competition/performance puppies.  Performance puppies are ONLY placed in homes where the owner is committed to competing in performance events. If none of my puppies available are suitable, you may wait for the next litter or go to another breeder. I am always happy to make referrals to other reputable breeders. If you do get a puppy from another breeder please let me know so I can remove you from my waiting list.

Puppies are NOT gifts

I do not sell puppies as gifts for Christmas, birthday’s, etc. Dogs should never be given as a surprise gift to someone. If you want to give a puppy as a gift – I must have a written contract with the person getting the puppy. In other words – the puppy can’t be a surprise to the person getting him. I also will not place puppies during the Christmas holidays as that time of year is often filled with traveling and parties and the puppy is often forgotten in the excitement of the holiday. Your puppy deserves your undivided attention when you get him and the first few weeks and months are critical bonding and training times that are lost forever when not taken advantage of.

Health Testing

All Tollers that are used in our breeding program are OFA free of Hip Dysplasia, OFA Heart Normal, CERF clear of any inherited eye disease with yearly eye examinations by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist. Tollers are also PRA/CEA/JADD/CP1/CLPS/DM/DE tested. While testing of the parents does not always guarantee a perfectly healthy puppy, for its lifetime, it does provide the owner that everything has been done to minimize any inherited diseases with your puppy. You can find more info on health testing on our website.

Limited Registration

All Offshore pet/performance puppies are sold under a non-breeding contract with Limited AKC Registration and spay/neuter requirements.

Shipping & Travel

Please note, I do not ship my puppies in cargo. Puppies can go to homes after they are 10 weeks if they are being flown as carry on. Puppies that are being driven home with their new owners must provide a suitable sized crate for the puppy to travel in within your vehicle for the trip home. I want to establish a close, helpful relationship with puppy owners for the lifetime of your Toller, and by coming to pick your puppy up, you get to know me, meet the dam and possibly the sire (if an in house stud was used) of your puppy, and to be comfortable that I am always available to be of help to you during the lifetime of your puppy. I always look forward to hearing how my puppies are doing in their new homes! You can’t send too many pictures or emails about your new pup!


I require a securely fenced yard. Invisible fencing is not considered adequate fencing for a Toller. A physical fence (Chain link, Wood, etc.) is necessary. Tollers are high drive dogs and many will brave the shock of the fence to chase that cat or squirrel it sees outside of the boundary. While you may be able to eventually train your dog to stay in – you can not keep other animals out of your yard with an invisible fence.