Puppy Reservation Information and Process

Litter Info

All new litter information should be on this web site. Please contact me directly if you can’t find the answer to your question.


Puppies come with a contract that must be signed upon pickup. You will receive the contract via email ahead of time. Please contact me with any contract questions before picking up your puppy. If you need to rehome your Toller, I require prior notification and the dog must be returned to me. They should never be turned over to a shelter or rescue. I always take back dogs I bred if you can no longer provide them with a home, no questions asked.

Best Fit Method

We do not employ a first come, first serve approach in placing our puppies. Instead, we utilize a "best fit method" to determine which home and family would be most suitable for our pups. We cannot match you with a puppy that does not meet your specific requirements or needs.

Selecting the perfect puppy is important to us, which is why we make use of puppy temperament tests and evaluations of their structure before making any placement decisions. After spending eight weeks with our puppies, we have a deep understanding of each pup's personality and the kind of family and living environment that would be best suited for them.

We prioritize the placement of our puppies in performance homes and take care to ensure that they are matched with owners who are committed to competing in performance events.

We are committed to finding the right homes for all our puppies to ensure their happiness and well-being. If we are unable to provide you with a suitable puppy from our current litter, we can refer you to a reputable breeder who may have a puppy available sooner, or you may wait for our next litter.

Puppies are NOT gifts

I do not sell puppies as surprise gifts for holidays or birthdays. If you want to give a puppy as a gift, a written contract must be in place with the person receiving the puppy. Puppies will not be placed during the Christmas season, as this time of year is often busy with travel and social events. It is crucial to give your undivided attention to your new puppy during the first few weeks and months as these are important bonding and training periods that cannot be recaptured.

Health Testing

All Tollers used in our breeding program undergo thorough health testing to minimize the chances of any inherited diseases in your puppy. Our Sire/Dams are OFA tested free of Hip Dysplasia, OFA Heart Normal, CERF clear of any inherited eye disease, and are also PRA/CEA/JADD/CP1/CLPS/DM/DE/CDDY tested. While no testing can guarantee a perfectly healthy puppy, we aim to provide our potential homes with the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything possible has been done to ensure the health of their new pet. Visit our website for more information on our health testing procedures. https://www.offshoretollers.com/thetoller/toller-health/

Limited Registration

Pet and performance puppies from Offshore are sold under a non-breeding contract with Limited AKC Registration as well as spay/neuter requirements.

Shipping & Travel

We do not ship puppies via cargo. If you are flying with your puppy, they can travel as carry-on at 10 weeks of age. If you are driving your puppy home, please bring a suitable crate for the trip. I value building a close relationship with puppy owners for the lifetime of the Toller. Meeting me, the dam, and potentially the sire (if an in-house stud was used) when picking up your puppy will help establish that relationship. I am always available to assist you and love receiving updates about your puppy. Please send plenty of pictures and updates!


A securely fenced yard is a requirement for Tollers. Invisible fencing is not adequate and a physical fence (Chain link, Wood, etc.) is necessary. Tollers are high drive dogs and will often ignore the shock of the fence to chase after cats or squirrels outside of the boundary. Training your dog to stay in is not enough, other animals cannot be kept out with an invisible fence.